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Retiree Benefits
Information for Loudoun County Government Retirees
Welcome to the Loudoun County Retiree Information Center, an online central location where retirees can obtain information about their benefits and related issues. To view the documents posted on this page, you will need Adobe Reader, which may be downloaded here free. We will update this webpage periodically with important information and announcements, so please check back often.

Important News
Retiree Health Plan Change new
If you missed the live presentation of the Retiree Health Plan Changes for the Post-65 retiree group, you can watch the replay by clicking here and to just read through the slides from the presentation click here.

Questions? Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions regarding the plan change.

Notice of Important Change to Retiree Health Plan Effective July 1, 2014 new

In response to the change in Humana's network for Loudoun County Government retirees, we are introducing CIGNA MEDICARE SURROUND® and CIGNA MEDICARE RX® as our health and pharmacy plan for Medicare eligible retirees and their eligible dependents, effective July 1, 2014. The CIGNA MEDICARE SURROUND® incorporates medical benefits that supplement Medicare and along with CIGNA MEDICARE RX® is very similar to the current Humana plan.

Key Points of Interest

  1. You will be able to see any provider and access any facility that accepts Medicare.
  2. The amount you pay in monthly premium for your health plan coverage will not change for the remainder of 2014.
  3. Your dental benefits remain unchanged through Delta Dental of Virginia.
  4. Your enrollment in the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan will automatically terminate June 30, 2014.
  5. You and your Medicare-eligible dependent(s) will be automatically enrolled in CIGNA MEDICARE SURROUND® and CIGNA MEDICARE RX® for a July 1, 2014 effective date. No action will be required by you.

Watch your mailbox over the next week for more information. We are committed to providing you all the information you need to make this a seamless transition. Stay tuned!

  • Humana/INOVA Update 4/24/14 
Inova’s contractual relationship with Humana ended on March 8, 2014.  However, Loudoun County retirees should not expect to see or experience any differences in the manner in which services are rendered through Inova providers, insurance billing to Humana or any increase in out-of-pocket expenses.  The Humana Medicare Advantage Plan has the same benefits for both in- and out-of-network and Inova will continue to bill Humana for services as they always have.

Inova agreed in writing to honor the following:
1. Inova will continue to see Loudoun County retirees and their dependents covered under the Humana Medicare Advantage Plan on an out-of-network basis.
2. Inova agrees to bill Humana directly for services received at Inova’s facilities by Loudoun County retirees and their dependents.
3. Inova agrees not to require Loudoun County retirees and their dependents to pre-pay for services outside of what is outlined in Loudoun County’s Humana Medicare Advantage Plan.
4. Inova agrees to accept the Medicare assignment as payment in full for services rendered and agrees to not balance bill County retirees and their dependents for any amount over and above what is outlined in the county’s Humana Medicare Advantage Plan.

The county views this acknowledgement from Inova as a temporary solution and has been working diligently to research other coverage alternatives.  The county is currently working toward transitioning the Medicare-eligible retiree group to a Medicare program through CIGNA HealthCare effective July 1, 2014.  The CIGNA Medicare program incorporates medical benefits that supplement Medicare and along with a Prescription Drug Plan and is very similar to the current Humana plan.

Additional information will be mailed directly to retirees in the coming weeks and posted here.

  • HUMANA / INOVA Update (12/3/13)
    Humana has recently mailed letters to retirees currently enrolled in the Medicare Advantage Plan through Loudoun County Government advising that effective March 8, 2014, INOVA Health Systems will no longer participate in the Humana PPO plan network.  We have been working with Inova, Humana and CIGNA to better understand this change and the effect on Loudoun County Government retirees...Read more for further details on this notice and for frequently asked questions
  • New ID cards coming for Humana members (11/25/13)
    Retirees in the Humana plan can expect new ID cards mailed home mid-December.  New ID cards will reflect a new bar code on back of card. Additionally, every year Humana mails the new Evidence of Coverage that explains your benefit coverage.  Expect the materials to arrive mid-January 2014.

Important Notices

Whom to Contact

Loudoun County Government Benefits Office

Please contact us with any questions by sending an email or calling the Benefits Help Line, 703-777-0517.

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