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Online Service Requests / Concerns
Loudoun County has developed an online system that allows members of the public to submit requests for service and reports of concern to the county government for follow-up and resolution. 

By utilizing this form, a request or concern will be directed to the appropriate staff person within the Loudoun County government. You may keep track of the status of the request or concern by noting the case number and access code after you submit the form. Please note: The information you submit through this form is public and may be subject to disclosure through the Freedom of Information Act.  Anonymous submissions are not permitted at this time.  By clicking on the link below, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the information above. Click on "I agree" to proceed to the form:

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Should you require further assistance with completion of this form, please contact the Public Affairs Manager in the Office of the County Administrator at 703-777-0113. 

For Zoning Cases Only
By submitting this form, you are attesting to the validity of this report and acknowledge your willingness to appear in court as a witness against the alleged violator of the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance. Please be advised that you will be contacted by telephone to verify the information contained on this form prior to the allegations being investigated, so please provide a valid daytime contact number.  In order to request to keep your name confidential with respect to requests from the public for release of information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, please explicitly state this request in the “Details” section of the complaint form.  

Types of Requests/Concerns Not Covered by this Form
Some requests and concerns cannot be conveyed via this form, However, please see the Loudoun County e-Services page on the website for information about contacting county staff through other online forms. Some examples of other e-Services on the website include:

Other Ways to Contact the Loudoun County Government

If you have an area of concern that is not mentioned on this page, please contact the appropriate county department or member of the Board of Supervisors through e-mail or call during regular business hours.

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